DIY Seed Starter Update

So far, my homemade seed starter is working well. See here for yourself:

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The thermostat has worked like a charm, keeping the soil temperature at its optimal level for germinating these lettuce plants. It saves money too, so for a couple cents a day, you can get your plants started. That is a lot cheaper than buying pre-started plants.

If you have more sunny weather than I do, a clear plastic sheet could be used to admit sunshine. At night, the double bubble insulation could be pulled back over to help retain heat.

Hope this gets you started on growing your own garden. Vegetables aren’t always very cheap, but they should be an important part of our diets. Growing them yourself is rewarding on many levels.

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New Gardening Content

Being able to raise your own food is another way to save money and live healthier. I’m starting a new gardening project this year, one that will hopefully save me time and money.

The first step is to be able to raise my own seedlings. Since it is still winter, being able to make sure they stay at their optimal germination temperature is very important to having a high yield.

To start, I decided to plant some lettuce. I’ll be able to harvest this before winter is even over. Here’s my seed starting setup:

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One adjustment I discovered after shooting the video – I had to drop the thermostat by 7 degrees to get the desired soil temperature.

Pretty cheap and simple. I should get 36 leaf lettuce plants for very little money. I plan to grow them hydroponically, which will add a bit more expense. On the plus side, most of the expense is a one time purchase.

Being able to grow them this way will enable me to have a salad garden all year round, with no weeding or stooping in a garden.

Stay tuned for more updates as I build this system from the ground up with as many salvaged / repurposed materials as possible. I’m excited at the prospect of growing more of my own food and sharing the experience with all my readers.

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