Stove Calculator v.3

In my latest video, I discuss some very basic stove science, the energy density of wood, and the idea of building a solar powered heater. It also showcases the latest version of my stove calculator spreadsheet.

Download version 3 of the stove calculator. I hope you find these calculations in your own stove building endeavors.

One thing that I failed to really drive home in the video was a better propane vs. wood comparison. I gave the propane energy in BTU/gal, it converts to 21698 BTU/lb, quite a bit higher than that of wood.

A friend of mine on YouTube, boyntonstu, has a great way to illustrate the difference between heat and temperature. First, I think we all agree a lit match would have a higher temperature than our body. Now, which could melt more ice cubes? That, my friends, is the difference between heat and temperature.

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