How to make a woodgas cookstove

Ever go camping and forget the firewood or run out of propane? With a small woodgas stove, you can forget the fuel and use readily available sticks to grill, smoke, boil, etc. Here’s how I built one out of some old cans, a pair of aviation snips, and a drill:

Another benefit of the woodgas stoves is the lack of smoke. No more smelling like a campfire, alerting game animals of your presence!

Longer burn times

To keep from having to continually maintaining the fire, I have built a gravity fed system. There are a couple of things that I had to do to make the system work. First, enough wood had to be put in to last at least 6 hours before needing a refill. Second, the wood had to be placed in such a way that it would not jam in the feed tube. I ran into a bit of trouble with the feed tube sucking heat from the fire. To counteract, I made a heat reclaimer that preheats the fuel and combustion air from this waste heat to improve efficiency.

Here’s a video on the feed system and heat reclaimer:

Here’s a video on how I prepare the wood for jam-free feeding:

My Rocket Stove Heating System

If you are new to this site or my youtube channel, you may not have seen some of my older information on my rocket stove heating system. It is a hydronic type of heating system, where the heat from the rocket stove heats water that is circulated through copper coils in the chimney. That water is then pumped to a heat exchanger and hot water tank for later use. Here are my older videos on the system:

Producing the heat:

Turning it into house heat:

This should get you up to speed on the basics of the system. It has come along quite a ways since these videos.

Welcome to my new format!

A lot has changed in my life, and as I grow older, I seem to have less time on my hands. As a result, I’ve decided to give up web design on my personal web pages and switch to the WYSIWYG simplicity of a blog. This should enable me to share more of my projects with my audience in a more timely manner than I’ve been able to lately. Thank you all for your support on my youtube channel and airgun website. I hope that you can find my experiments inspiring and useful to you.